End Of An Era

The Momma Milking Machine has officially been put out to pasture. Almost eleven months of supplying Miss Belle with an endless supply of milky goodiness has come to a close, four months longer than Jaxson - not a bad stat sheet.

We go from this:

To This:


Jennjilla said...

Get that momma a drink!!

Seriously - way to go, R! That was a hell of a run, I gave up way fast!

The Sutherlands said...

Ahhh! I am sure that is a relief... Good JOB!!!!

Annabelle, you are a lucky little girl! Your momma loves you so much and gives you the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!

Amen and Amen to the good stuff!

Robyn said...

Did someone say a drink?? Hola!!!

Anonymous said...

ok this i have to comment on! good job you! go have a a drink for me too! heck go a a bunch of drinks!!!!!!! woo hoo!