A Thousand Times Over

Three years and five months ago, I started this blog to capture the moments, both expected and unexpected, as Robyn and I entered parenthood. The main objective was to create a digital scrapbook that would capture our growth as parents and as a family. Farthest from imagination was how integral the blog would become in my day-to-day interactions with my kids.

Since it's inception, the blog has become an obsession. Photography has become an integral part of the blog; and I find myself taking photos that are chasing stories; rather than just freezing moments in time - the images over the last few years have been determined by the blog. Can I tell a story with this photo? What will I write about this photo? Will the photo visual capture what I am experiencing?

Needless to say, Crayons & Keyboards has become more than just a blog to me. It, in essence, has become a dynamic part of my life.

Blog entry #1,000 is more than a milestone. It is a reflection on what my family means to me. Without Robyn, I am nothing. Without Jaxson, I am nothing. Without Annabelle, I am nothing. Without our extended families, we are nothing.

Families are precious. So thank you all for allowing me to document our lives together and record moments that are forever deposited in our memory banks.

Love you all, and I hope their are thousands more ahead for all of us.



birdie said...

I have spent alot of time with your precious children yet I find myself excited to go to your blog to see your cute,cute pictures and to see the neat stories you have to tell about each picture.I love your sweet family and look foward to many more pics and stories.Birdie

The Sutherlands said...

This blog has been an inspiration! You are truly talented, and I enjoy EVERY minute of reading this little piece of heaven. Keeping up with family that lives away is so amazing, and I feel like we live just minutes apart because I "see" everyone EVERY day!!! I am constantly reading back from the beginning, and enjoy eatching and re- living the precious moments! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!! We love you all, and know the amount of hardwork you put into this for our enjoyment! It is much appreciate!


The Momma ;) said...

A thousand...holy crap baby...YOU ROCK!!

Anonymous said...

You have done an amazing job with your blog....how else would I find out what is happening? Kidding aside, I love it and look forward to reading it everyday !! Love you all!!!!! Boo

Unknown said...

wonderful children wonderful parents wonderful family so double wonderful blog;)

yours affectionately!