Acting Like Animals

Sadly, being a life long Fort Worthian, you take local attractions for granted and sometimes can't see the forest for the trees.

The Fort Worth Zoo became one of those sad stories. The last time I was at the zoo was about 20 years ago (man, I sound old saying that) and our van was broken into and all my Nintendo games and various other goods were stolen - and I had stayed away since; must have been some sort of tragic mental scar.

It was time that was erased.

With clouds and rain looming on the horizon, we took a gamble and headed to the zoo with our new zoo membership cards and a little red wagon. Needless to say, all the bad memories were erased seeing the kiddos mesmerized by all the going-ons at the zoo.


Kippy said...

Those zoo passes will be LIFESAVERS! We use ours all. the. time. We've been going at least once a month, if not more for nearly 3 years now. Best money we've spent. Enjoy!

Team Russi said...

Ft. Worth has an awesome zoo. It looks like everyone had a great time!