Crowd Surfing Is The Next Logical Step


Sign Of The Times

Someone at our church either got sick of hearing infants crying and designated an area away from the masses just for them, or there was a parent that was one step ahead of the game.

In a few months, this may be my Sunday morning spot with Ms. Annabelle

Sunday Morning Sunshine


Back To Our Roots, Again

Add one more year on the family tradition of Edelweiss on (or at least the same week of) Christmas Eve. Every family has their particular, unique, and special traditions. The one that keeps going for us is dinner at the local authentic German restaurant Edelweiss.

Not only does the dinner get as many of the immediate and extended family together to finish off the year, but it helps all of us to remember where our family started and to reinforce our German roots.

From what the family can remember, we have been doing this for almost 30 years. Family members have come and gone, but they are always remembered and missed at the dinner.

Same incredibly cool owner (Bernardt), same good food, same good dark beer - and most importantly the same chicken dance, year after year.

Cheers to all the Wheat's, Chambers and all other families that made and missed the dinner.

Saturday Stroll

The unusually warm weather for Christmas time gave the kiddo the opportunity to test out his new ride. Hardest part is actually getting him off of the trike.

Look at that grip, he's a natural. Won't be long, and he will be riding his Harley.

Discussing The Days Events With Gracie

After Christmas dinner at Mimi's, the kids recapped on the day, the loot they received, the best way to attack an Oreo Ball, and what lies ahead for the rest of the holiday season. Maybe they are discussing what to wear on New Year's Eve.

Drum Line In The Works


My Slice Of Heaven

Some people like chocolate, some people dream of sugar plums, and some people drool over egg-nog at Christmas. Me, it is all about showing up at the parents house and having a plate full of homemade sausage balls (with venison) waiting for my grubby hands on Christmas morning. Thanks mom.

High Noon Showdown

Cody and Jaxson must have a showdown to see whose pajamas are more hardcore.

Easy Rider


Christmas Morning With Boo


The Morning We Have All Waited For

Analyzing the evidence at the crime scene.

Diggin' the new ride.

A moment to smile for all of us.

Jaycee Shows Some Love


A Moment With Momma


Waiting For Santa


Emotional Rollercoaster, But very Grateful

Mimi has a tradition of taking Jaxson to see Santa each year. Just a few of the emotions the kiddo goes through on these visits:

"W" is for Wheat


Dreaming Big


The kiddo loves trains. This one makes his mouth water.

T'was The Night Before...

On Christmas Eve night, just before Jaxson, Cody, and Jaycee head their separate directions and after the family has done our dinner and presents, the start of a new tradition (hopefully) started.

The official reading of The Night Before Christmas at our house.

Cheap Labor and Office Monkeys


The office was not it's normal Monday morning self today.

The Bambino is spending a few days with Boo and Pops, so to make the switch easy Jax spent a few minutes in the office with me and Gigi (Curious George) this morning while we waited for Boo to pick him up.
The mass amount of holiday treats sent to us by clients was an easy way to keep him quiet. Now if I could teach him how to draw and do some construction administration work for me, we may have ourselves a keeper.

Take A Picture, It'll Last Longer.


Scuba Diving Reindeer. Makes Sense. Right?

See what happens when you send your kid to Dallas. Strange things.

Love Thy Self


Something Is Missing


He knows something isn't right, but he just can't put his hand on it...

Trouble Comes In Twos


They Call Me 'GunSlinger'

Not promoting violence, but keeping the kiddo occupied during lunch is a great thing.

Ready For His Little Sis'

When Annabelle finally joins the rest of us, I think our little guy will be ready.

Isabelle Scott, and her parents Nikki and Eric, joined us for the annual Wheat Christmas Party last night - and Jax just couldn't get enough of Izzie or the opportunity to hold her.

Sharing A Story


Thanks to Beckett for the great Christmas books and thanks to Boo for grabbing this photo.

Rydon Into This World

Welcome to the family little fellow.

Fellow MudRun team member, Scott, and his beautiful wife Katy welcomed their first child into their lives on Tuesday, December 16.

He aced all his initial health test and his stats look good:

· 6 lbs 15.6 oz
· 19 inches long
· A little bit of hair
· 10 fingers; 10 toes
· A healthy appetite
· And a GREAT set of lungs!!!

No Kid, You Rock

In preparation for my second marathon in February, I ran the half-marathon at the White Rock races this morning. With a few official half-marathons under my belt, the White Rock now ranks way up on my list of races that are a must for any runner or runner-in-training. Great race, great course, tons of passionate good-hearted runners, tremendous fan support (even saw Texas Longhorn and Dallas native Justin Leonard on his front steps cheering us on). Hands down one of the best races I have been in. Top to bottom.

With that being said, coming home to my family and seeing this waiting for me makes it all worth it.
Someday, Jax and I will run a marathon together. I want him to experience the grit, the sacrifices, and the feeling of triumph that one gets for training and completing a marathon.
Thanks for the support momma and buddy - thought of you guys while I was out pounding the pavement. Love you both.

Men Talking Trains


Small Trains in Big-D

Upon reading about a few of my fellow bloggers and their pilgrimages to the land of the trains at North Park Mall, we loaded up and headed east to see for ourselves.

My opinion, hands down the coolest thing we have done over the Christmas season. It is relatively cheap, the money goes to charity, and the kids (and adults) love it.

Four years of architecture school (and countless hours of building scaled models) helped me appreciate the work and amount of detail involved in the models, both the trains themselves and the buildings/scenes in which the trains called home.

The only better set-up I have seen was from a cousin's wife's family, whose father had transformed his entire garage into an entire model train working town. Beyond cool. Saw it when I was very young, and I can still remember it well.

So, unless you got yourself a time machine that we can saddle up in and go for a ride, the North Park trains are WELL worth the trip.