Small Trains in Big-D

Upon reading about a few of my fellow bloggers and their pilgrimages to the land of the trains at North Park Mall, we loaded up and headed east to see for ourselves.

My opinion, hands down the coolest thing we have done over the Christmas season. It is relatively cheap, the money goes to charity, and the kids (and adults) love it.

Four years of architecture school (and countless hours of building scaled models) helped me appreciate the work and amount of detail involved in the models, both the trains themselves and the buildings/scenes in which the trains called home.

The only better set-up I have seen was from a cousin's wife's family, whose father had transformed his entire garage into an entire model train working town. Beyond cool. Saw it when I was very young, and I can still remember it well.

So, unless you got yourself a time machine that we can saddle up in and go for a ride, the North Park trains are WELL worth the trip.