No Kid, You Rock

In preparation for my second marathon in February, I ran the half-marathon at the White Rock races this morning. With a few official half-marathons under my belt, the White Rock now ranks way up on my list of races that are a must for any runner or runner-in-training. Great race, great course, tons of passionate good-hearted runners, tremendous fan support (even saw Texas Longhorn and Dallas native Justin Leonard on his front steps cheering us on). Hands down one of the best races I have been in. Top to bottom.

With that being said, coming home to my family and seeing this waiting for me makes it all worth it.
Someday, Jax and I will run a marathon together. I want him to experience the grit, the sacrifices, and the feeling of triumph that one gets for training and completing a marathon.
Thanks for the support momma and buddy - thought of you guys while I was out pounding the pavement. Love you both.


Jennjilla said...

I did the White Rock last year, and it was a really cool experience. Glad you had fun and a great cheering section!