One Small Step..

I could not imagine a better Christmas present then this.

Watch Boo's reaction in the background, priceless.


Jennjilla said...

Way to go, Jaxson!!!

The Sutherlands said...

OMIGOSH!!!! Whoo Hoo Jaxson!!!We love you so much and can't wait to play chase with you!!!! I want to see more bath tub fun! You are so darn cute that everytime we check the site, I lose more enammel off of my teeth!!! Send me some curious george blowing bubbles for you!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU!!!! Walking is soooo fun!
Uncle J and Aunt "T"

Anonymous said...

Holy Texas Two-Step, Jax! Well done, fella. Enjoy your freedom...and watching your mama/papa chase ya in ways they never thought possible.