That was the only noises heard from the bedroom last night. The little bambino sleep a whole night without waking up. Robyn and I honestly began to think that Jaxson was half-owl, half- boy, since he liked being up at night so much.

However; last night, he confirmed to his mommy and daddy that he was all boy. He slept all night, woke up and ate, farted, cried, then went back to sleep.

That's my boy!!!!!!

Here Comes the Plane....

Not "De Plane" from Fantasy Island, but the plane carrying a load of rice headed for Jaxson Municipal Airport.

The little guy has moved up to "baby oatmeal" and a variety of fruit helpings. He has done surprisingly well keeping the food actually in his mouth versus on the walls and/or his mom and dad. I am sure all that will change as the hands begin making coordinated moves towards the bowls of food.

Our Little Monkey


Read the Directions Next Time.

We, as men, know that directions are for wussies. Why read the directions when you can simply look at the pictures and follow the diagrams.

"Um, dad, I think the padded stuff needs to go on the outside of the seat. I can't see the colorful toys I am suppose to enjoy playing with. Mom, tell dad to get me out of this thing and follow the directions next time."

Reflections of Himself.

Caught the little guy gazing at himself in the "fish-eye" style mirror on his swingset. Not sure if he was watching himself, or the weird guy with the camera trying to get a cool shot.

The world may never know.....

Story Time.

"Pull up a seat kiddos....oh wait, never mind, I got a seat for you right here next to me..."

Where's Tigger?


You Talking to Me?


And the Little One Said, "Roll Over, Roll Over.."

At a certain point in boy's life, he crosses the threshold from boy to man. To every boy this is a different event. Their first deer hunt, first job, first kiss, first ticket....etc.

Tonight, Jaxson came one step closer to becoming a man. During a day of pure boredom from being scared to death by the local media that the world was about to enter the second ice age and all life will come to a screeching halt in North Texas due to a WINTER BLAST......Jaxson got fed up with it and rolled over to ignore the t.v. Yes sir, you heard it hear first, Jaxson had his first official "Stomach-to-back-no-help-here-thank-you-very-much-look-what-I-can-do-now-roll-over."

Luckily daddy had his camera ready to point , shoot, and captured the moment on video (well, it was actually the second one that I caught on tape). As soon as I can figure out how to post video on the blog, it will be up, so until then, the photos will have to do.

Old Man Take a Look at My Life....

Neil Young wrote those words in his song "Old Man," and as we ponder Jaxson's turning of 4-Months old, I can't think of any words that fit better.....

So, as I sit her and ponder the last four months and wonder where all the time has gone, I can only imagine what the next 4 months will hold in store for the Wheat Clan..

Jaxson is a wise man in his old age and likes to ponder the finer points of life, so he asked me to sit him in his favorite rocking chair so he could reflect on the many months that have come and gone since coming into this world. He pondered what he could have done better, who he could have helped more, who he could have loved more, what regrets he held; but only one thought kept coming into his mind.......

"Man, I sure wish I wouldn't have ridden the little horse to town, right after I ate. That sure was a mess."

But, on a serious note. This has been an incredible journey so far, and I am blessed to have been given a son that is as perfect as Jaxson...

Thanks Lil' Buddy and have a Happy 4 Month Birthday......

Amen To That.


Rubber Ducky, Your the One....

Bert and Ernie got nothing on this kid during bath time.

You just can't get any cuter than this.

Like a Roman God

Bring me some grapes!!!!

Gatorade for Kids

Yesterday milk. Today Pedia-lite. Tomorrow...the world.

Jaxson had to make his first "non-scheduled" doctor's appointment today. The little guy has been hacking pretty bad the last few days, so we took him to see the doc, and now he has an ear ache. Taking Jaxson to the doctor is like taking your new car to the mechanic. You haven't figured out all the normal, sounds and rattles, so you gotta take it in when you hear something weird just to make sure. And just like a mechanic, they diagnose you with something you didn't even know you had. Nothing severe, I think we caught it early enough, nothing a few antibiotics won't cure.

He has a small cold as well, so for the next 7-10 days he gets a dose of Pedia-lite with a chaser of "boob-juice." The doc says all should be good in a week, so until then he is enjoying a new drink in his diet.

Congrats to the New Couple

All of our best to Tiffany and Justin who are currently enjoying their honeymoon in the sunny Florida weather at DisneyWorld. Enjoy being married, it is a special experience where each day only gets better and better. You will have your ups and downs, but the path will eventually lead you to a pot of gold that is priceless. Enjoy the ride, relish the moments, and create opportunities to be with one another as ofter as possible.

What a wonderful weekend I had spending time with my extended family. Thank you to Jimmy, Aunty, and T.J. for being a tremendous trio of host. We can't say thank you enough.

Congratulations once again!!!!

Happy New Year to All!!!

I may be a day behind, but it is the thought that counts.

The Wheat Family has been in Houston since Thursday, so this is my first opportunity to wish everyone a Happy New Year.

Jaxson has blessed our lives this past year and the support from everyone has been more than we could have ever asked for. Jaxson has led Robyn and I to become better people, better friends, and better sons and daughters. We have deepened relationships with friends and family and we only hope that the happiness and blessed journey continues.

I am not a big believer in New Year's resolutions; however, the one that I have put forth for myself is to be the most loving father, most loving husband, most caring friend, and best person I can. So, to you and yours, have a wonderful year and I hope all your dreams and aspirations for the next 12 months become what you want them too.