And the Little One Said, "Roll Over, Roll Over.."

At a certain point in boy's life, he crosses the threshold from boy to man. To every boy this is a different event. Their first deer hunt, first job, first kiss, first ticket....etc.

Tonight, Jaxson came one step closer to becoming a man. During a day of pure boredom from being scared to death by the local media that the world was about to enter the second ice age and all life will come to a screeching halt in North Texas due to a WINTER BLAST......Jaxson got fed up with it and rolled over to ignore the t.v. Yes sir, you heard it hear first, Jaxson had his first official "Stomach-to-back-no-help-here-thank-you-very-much-look-what-I-can-do-now-roll-over."

Luckily daddy had his camera ready to point , shoot, and captured the moment on video (well, it was actually the second one that I caught on tape). As soon as I can figure out how to post video on the blog, it will be up, so until then, the photos will have to do.