Gatorade for Kids

Yesterday milk. Today Pedia-lite. Tomorrow...the world.

Jaxson had to make his first "non-scheduled" doctor's appointment today. The little guy has been hacking pretty bad the last few days, so we took him to see the doc, and now he has an ear ache. Taking Jaxson to the doctor is like taking your new car to the mechanic. You haven't figured out all the normal, sounds and rattles, so you gotta take it in when you hear something weird just to make sure. And just like a mechanic, they diagnose you with something you didn't even know you had. Nothing severe, I think we caught it early enough, nothing a few antibiotics won't cure.

He has a small cold as well, so for the next 7-10 days he gets a dose of Pedia-lite with a chaser of "boob-juice." The doc says all should be good in a week, so until then he is enjoying a new drink in his diet.