Are You Ready For Some Football?!

One of my strongest memories growing up in a small town in Texas was Friday night football.  On Friday nights, if you weren't at the football game, the you weren't where you needed to be.

The sounds of the band, the smell of the grass and food, the sights of the droves of people coming together for support of their team and community - it all makes for a perfect combo.

Friday night we attended Mimi Coon's high school where she is the vice principal, Tuscarora High School in Leesburg, VA.  To kick-off the season, the school had an open door tailgate party with games, food, activities - all the get the home team crowd ready for kick-off.  I was extremely surprised at how much of a small town feeling existed and how much it reminded me of my home town.  A small field out in the country side with nothing around it except the school campus, trees, and supporters.

Glad that the family could experience the Friday Night Lights.