Scarf Swap


Is anyone else sad that the holidays are coming to an end? I have to admit I am sad that the cards and gifts have stopped coming in the mail….and the shopping- yes the shopping I will miss too…oh wait I will not stop that! No I won’t!
I got this idea from a sweet blogger I know (I don’t actually know her..but I feel like I do!, I joined her swap in the Fall, it was something I looked forward to and had a lot of fun in the process.

Here's the deal-io on how to join the fun:
What is a scarf swap?
The rules are simple and it should be lots of fun.
All you have to do to "enter" and play along is...
Send me an email, or leave me a comment on this post
with your Name & Best Email Address
I can be found here: robyn.wheat {at} yahoo{dot} com

By Wednesday, (that's January 5th)...
the scarf swap will begin!

On Wednesday I will pair up all of the Scarf Swappers...
I will send you your pair's contact information
and you will send that lovely lady a fun (new) scarf for under $15.
Sort of like a Secret Santa for the blog world.
Scarves are universal, one size fits all...
so it's the perfect item to SWAP!

Then, about two weeks from Wednesday (giving plenty of time to shop, swap, and ship...
we'll blog or facebook post about the scarf we received)... and who knows?
Maybe we'll make some friends in the process!

I hope you all will play along... I think it will be great fun!
So, email me your information, or comment if you want to swap scarves...