Scarf Swap


Is anyone else sad that the holidays are coming to an end? I have to admit I am sad that the cards and gifts have stopped coming in the mail….and the shopping- yes the shopping I will miss too…oh wait I will not stop that! No I won’t!
I got this idea from a sweet blogger I know (I don’t actually know her..but I feel like I do!, I joined her swap in the Fall, it was something I looked forward to and had a lot of fun in the process.

Here's the deal-io on how to join the fun:
What is a scarf swap?
The rules are simple and it should be lots of fun.
All you have to do to "enter" and play along is...
Send me an email, or leave me a comment on this post
with your Name & Best Email Address
I can be found here: robyn.wheat {at} yahoo{dot} com

By Wednesday, (that's January 5th)...
the scarf swap will begin!

On Wednesday I will pair up all of the Scarf Swappers...
I will send you your pair's contact information
and you will send that lovely lady a fun (new) scarf for under $15.
Sort of like a Secret Santa for the blog world.
Scarves are universal, one size fits all...
so it's the perfect item to SWAP!

Then, about two weeks from Wednesday (giving plenty of time to shop, swap, and ship...
we'll blog or facebook post about the scarf we received)... and who knows?
Maybe we'll make some friends in the process!

I hope you all will play along... I think it will be great fun!
So, email me your information, or comment if you want to swap scarves...

Momma's In The Dirty Thirties

She's gotta be the best looking 30-year old around...

That hill that are going to go over some day slowly gets closer; 40 is just around the corner...

Happy Birthday Robbie Roo, you make us all better people with your passion for life and your love of laughter. I honestly have no idea where I would be without you; you are my best friend and my partner in crime.

To many more years and slowly taking over the world...cheers!

Santa's Left Behinds

The guy in the red and white suit left a note for the kids and I think he hit the boy's request right on the head.

He was a little excited...notice the actual vertical leap he got.

German To Our Core

Our annual Christmas Eve dinner at Edelweiss on the west side of Fort Worth was cancelled last year due to an ice/snow storm on Christmas Eve, so this year's trip was extra special because it had been a few years.

Jagersnitzel and Dunkelweiss beer is a really tough combo to beat when it is chilly outside an you need something to warm your belly and get you ready for a good night's sleep.

Preparing For The Big Night

Fastest way to a man's heart is through his stomach; so what about reindeer?

We figured if we feed the big guy's reindeer than he should bring the good stuff to the kids...we'll see what happens. Some oatmeal, some red and green sprinkles, and a little kiddo imagination goes along way on those cold December nights.

Cookie Decoration, Man Style

Two men ( well one man and a boy) decorate the cookies with a little flair.

For your enjoyment; we have a Christmas light, Texas Rangers logo, and a bleeding dinosaur. The dinosaur was Jaxson's idea.

A Day With Boo and Pops...

Boo and Pops took the kiddos for the day so momma could get a little last minute shopping done.
Where else do you take two kids to wear them down and let them entertain themselves...none other than the greatest -Chuck E Cheese!

Who's got the keys to the Jeep?

We started off the night at Campo Verde- a must see! Every square inch of this place is covered in tinsel and lights. Throw in some late 1970's wood paneling and mirrored advertisement beer sign decor...can you say.."Overstimulation"?

Then Shawn and Bri took us light looking in the Jeep...(thank goodness for 70 degree weather in December might I add). Interlocken 2010 = long waits and big disappointment! But we finished off the night in Dalworthington Gardens where one house is enough to fulfill your inner child Christmas spirit.

Coon Christmas at the Lansfords

Great fun, great toys and the fabulous media room with Toy Story 3...greatness!


Annabelle and Abby ...Besties!

Abby will let Annabelle doing anything to her...She can poke her eyes, squeeze her face, lay all over her and most recently bling her up...notice the Cowboy necklace...

Ultimate Bed Head or Birds Nest?


Feeling The Holiday Love


Quality Time With St. Nick


Santa's Message From The North Pole

The big man himself, Santa, sent a viral message to our kiddos confirming their presents and to make sure that they have been the good little children that we all know that they have been.

A little blackmail never hurt anyone, right?

Naughty or Nice?

I have come to the conclusion that when you go visit Santa it makes it so much more interesting if your kids are smiling or totally-all out makes for a better picture that way. This year we got the in-between look. And wouldn't you know the bootleg picture taken on the iphone sans the $30 was the best picture...

Doing Her Part


Decked Out


Jedi Master You Are


We Are The Parade


Typically when we go to the Parade of Lights in Arlington, we are mere bystanders; however, this year we entered as a participant with the kids school.

Tons of hard work by Momma and a huge helping hand from Boo & Pops, we pulled of a decent lighted hay ride for the kids. It wasn't the grandest of floats in the parade, but the kids didn't care and we were all more than happy to enjoy the parade for a unique perspective this year.

Thank again to Boo and Pops and a huge GOOD JOB goes out to Momma for successfully pulling off a challenging project.

At Least His Feet Are Warm


Time With Her Peeps


A Boy and His Girl

Apparently, Jaxson and Audrey (his girl at school) became a happily married couple; or at least that is what Jaxson depicted in some art work.

Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?