Might As Well Have Webbed Feet

Picking a swim teacher is like picking a driving school. The instructor can either make a child's first impression of a new situation an on going fear or they can take control of the situation and make the child feel at ease and comfortable.

By word of mouth, from two different unrelated sources, we found an independent swim teacher for The Bambino. We knew he could swim (due to the fact that he jumped in the pool without his floaties and swam across the pool), but we needed to teach him basic functions in the water and increase his comfort level with what can be a very fearful activity.

After a short one week session, Jax had gone from just treading water to diving for sticks and learning the basic structure of a breast stroke - all credit to an incredible pair of teachers that showed tough love and ample praise.

We could not be happier with the end result.


The Sutherlands said...

YaY!!! Great job Jaxson!!! Such a big boy!!!!! Oh man I cannot wait to squeeze you!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alicia Brunson said...

Awesome job! So glad he got to go see Mr. Kaleb....he rocks!