The Little Barrette That Could

Anytime we (Robyn) tried to put Miss Belle's hair in any sort of hair contraption (bow, rubber band, barrette, headband, etc.) she pulled it out just as quickly as it went in. Everyone had their input..."Just keep putting them on her, she'll get use to it and soon she won't fight with you anymore..."

Oh no, she's not fighting anymore...she has officially won this battle:

Rewind to last week. Robyn dresses the kids to run some errands; shoes, shirts, and of course she has to have something in Belle's hair. So, she adds a nice colorful barrette; similar to the one seen here - gotta keep the girl looking cute as can be.

The errand running begins. Items are accomplished and task are taking off the to-do list. Heading to one of the final spots, Robyn checks the mirror just to make sure the kiddos are good. Mother's intuition? She notices something in Belle's mouth, something colorful and small...the barrette. The little lady has decided she doesn't like it in hair so she decides to show momma who is boss. Robyn reaches back to get it out of her mouth and then...cough, cough; it's gone.

All hell breaks loose.

Robyn pulls over and frantically searches the car seat, searches Miss Belle's immediate surroundings, and then searches her mouth. Nothing. The barrette is gone. Gone deep into the bowels of Belle. Gone forever.

My phone rings. The situation is explained. I tell her to call the doctor.

The doctor is called. The situations is explained. The doctor says emergency room.

My phone rings. The situation with the emergency room is explained (in the meantime I have checked on line and seen what previous parents have done...I found out this happens more often than I knew. Google it, you'll be amazed.)

I tell Robyn to hold off on the emergency room, let's give it a few days to "pass", and if nothing shows then we will take the next step.

The next morning comes and the Wheat crew is headed to the Texas hill country for the annual All-Balls family reunion. However, each time Belle has a "movement," the contents must be checked for the little barrette. And we I say contents, I mean the goods that Belle has deposited in her diaper. Fun. Robyn gets this duty (no pun intended). Dads are not made for times like this, mommas are.

Multiple stinky roadside stops later...nothing. We continue with our vacation hoping that the ugly beast will make it's presence known. Fiber is upped in the diet and liquid intake increases.

Sunday rolls around, a full three days later. Some of the family members go on a float trip down the Guadalupe river in New Braunfels, TX. As we near the site where we are staying, I see Robyn perched up on the banks of the river with Belle in tow and a smile on her face.

The levee's have been breached and the barrette showed up. Hallelujah, sweet Jesus, amen, playball...the trumpets sound and the choirs sing.

Everyone can breathe again.

Moral of the story: She was trying to tell us something, and we weren't listening. I think from now on, we will listen.

The evil barrette seen here:


The Momma said...

I beg to differ....the moral to this story is stick to the BIG bows that can not be swallowed!!! I don't give up!

Jennjilla said...

OMG, how scary!

Big Bows are the way to go, sister - unless she likes to eat ribbon...

I'm so glad she's ok, though!

Kippy said...

Ditto Robyn... BIG BOWS! Caroline did this once but we didn't know it till we saw it in the diaper.

The Sutherlands said...

Amen for the big bows!

OMG! I would have freaked! The only way I got Gracelee to wear anything was to have her look at herself and say "woo- woo"... now she likes them! LoL!!!

eddieball said...

I am glad you chose to power wash the barrette before displaying for all the world to see. Good job Annabelle!!

The Beans said...

I'll keep that in mind that barrettes are evil. That will save me much hassle with my future hypothetical daughter.

-French Bean