Case Of The Missing GiGi

Almost a sad, sad day.

Went for a walk on a beautiful April morning and returned one "man" down - Gigi was no where to be found.

In a rush, the boys took off on a mission. After a long and intense search (about 5 mins.) the lost was found.

UPDATE: I failed to mention that the Gigi that went missing was actually Annabelle's, Gigi #2. Jaxson had two Gigi's and gave the smaller one to Miss Belle - he was extremely worried when Gigi #2 went missing...but he ended up saving the day.


The Sutherlands said...

Amen! Whew!!!!

Good job, Jax!!! I am sure GiGi would have been so sad! You are awesome, kiddo!!!!

I LOVE you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!