The Bambino Goes Yard

I knew there was a reason why I occasionally call Jaxson Bambino for a good reason...

First t-ball game. First at bat. First pitch (kinda, it's on a tee, but stay with me). And the kid hits a home run.



Anonymous said...

oh my!!! there is nothing cuter than these pics!!!how precious!

David Chambers said...

I think the helmet is bigger then he is! Very cute.

The Sutherlands said...

Wooo WOOOO! Way to go JAX!!!!!!!!!

Hey... can I call you SLugger?


mellow roc said...

Hi, my kids are graduating from high school this year, and have mixed emotions as I think about "the early years" with summer sports, band competitions, driving to and from other friend's homes, homework, and when you as a parent are regarded as knowing much.. Enjoy this day and season of life!