Beautiful Blue

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Arlington Parade Of Lights - 2009

The tradition continues with new faces added each year.

Lady Belle's First Santa Visit


Santa Crashes The Party

Jaxson's school had a special guest today. The visit started off extremely well, as Jaxson greeted Santa at the door; however, as time increased Jaxson's happiness and joy decreased.

9-Month Check-Up

Nine Month Stats:

Weight: 20 lbs. 1 oz.
Height: 28-1/2 inches

Healthy and growing like a weed...

Able To Leap Tall Buildings...


In The Spirit


1980's Is Back In Style

What does a grown man do when they turn 30? A Transformer party of course. Funny how pop culture has come full circle.
Happy 30th Jacob, Little Buddy enjoyed playing Transformers with you.

No Prisoners


Izzie & Belle Get The Party Started

Miss Izzie Scott turned the "One" over the weekend, and I think Belle was jealous of Izzie and her rockin' red tutu.

First Snow Fall


'Tis The Season: It Has Begun

The first ornament on the tree:

The process continues. There seemed to be a large collection of ornaments in this certain area when he competed his decorating. We had to come back the next morning and space everything our just a little bit more.

The completed task (notice the large grouping of ornaments at the lower right portion of the tree.)

Riding The Radio Flyer


Fort Worth Parade Of Lights 2009


Daddy's Little Elf

Friday after Thanksgiving means one thing: Putting Up Lights.

With Jaxson off with Boo and Pops, and Momma fighting the crowds at the sales; Belle and me were left to do the annual chore:

Buddy's Thanksgiving 2009


Belle's Thanksgiving 2009

The Feast:

The Aftermath:

Trotting: Snapshots Of The Cousins


Turkey Trotting: The Fourth Coming

Year four of an annual tradition is in the books. This year's group was smaller than years past, but its the quality not the quantity that counts.
Miss Belle joined the group for her first of many, and enjoyed watching all of us push, drag, heave, and struggle to get the rest of the kiddos around the course in their custom decorated wagon.

Little Longhorn Lady


Strikers Come To A Close

First soccer season has officially come to and end with the Strikers end-of-season party.
Closing out an undefeated season (no score is kept, so technically we never lost) Coach Dave had the entire Striker team and families over to their house for a party to close out the season.
Coach Dave was an incredible coach and person, never showing any frustration while trying to teach twelve 3-4 soccer novices how to play soccer. Chasing that many kids on one soccer field is not easy, especially when their main focus is their own shadow.

A huge Thank You to coach for all you did for the kids. You made his first season a special one.

Jaxson's first trophy will be one we all remember.

Pearly Whites

If you squint your eyes just right, you can see our two newest guest in the house:

Tooth #1 and Tooth #2 - no relation to Thing #1 and Thing #2

Dancing Underoos


Life Lesson #237

How to successfully crack, shell, and eat a pecan:

Step One:
Find a good one. Don't be too picky and don't worry about dirt on the outside, the good stuff is on the inside.
Step Two:
Crack it open. Use too much force and you'll crack the goods on the inside; not enough force and you won't make it to the next step.

Step Three:
Peel away the cracked portions and enjoy.