Strikers Come To A Close

First soccer season has officially come to and end with the Strikers end-of-season party.
Closing out an undefeated season (no score is kept, so technically we never lost) Coach Dave had the entire Striker team and families over to their house for a party to close out the season.
Coach Dave was an incredible coach and person, never showing any frustration while trying to teach twelve 3-4 soccer novices how to play soccer. Chasing that many kids on one soccer field is not easy, especially when their main focus is their own shadow.

A huge Thank You to coach for all you did for the kids. You made his first season a special one.

Jaxson's first trophy will be one we all remember.


The Sutherlands said...

YaY, Jax!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I Love You so Much!!!!!!! Good Job, Buddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jen Lara said...

that is pretty much the coolest thing ever! I really appreciate the kind words, and honestly, the pleasure was all mine to have Jaxon on the team and the chance to get to know y'all. you've got a great kid there who clearly has some great soccer potential. I hope y'all keep in touch, we'd love to have y'all back in the spring... Coach Dave

Bex/Berks' Papa said...

His trophy-in-hand grin is priceless!