Parking Lot Happenings

Before the first playoff game for the FW Cats last night, we (Boo, Pops, Cousin Craig, J.R., J.D., Momma Robbie, Jax, and Big-Daddy C) managed to throw together a reasonable tail-gating outfit. We managed to have the essentials handy:
  • A full blown grill with fajitas, smoked sausage, home-made tamales, brauts, and burgers.
  • Peach Cobbler, from the hands of Boo.
  • A run-in with the local motorized parking patrol, that we managed to barter 6 tickets for a few bottles of water, a tamale, and some cobbler.

Life is good.


The Sutherlands said...

Mmmmmm! Usually I am not big on cooked fruit, but ALL I CAN THINK ABOUT IS HAVING A PIECE OF THAT COBBLER!!!! That looks fantastic! I am enjoying being the fat girl right now... hahahaha!!! Love you all!