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Fear In The Eyes of a Toddler


Parking Lot Happenings

Before the first playoff game for the FW Cats last night, we (Boo, Pops, Cousin Craig, J.R., J.D., Momma Robbie, Jax, and Big-Daddy C) managed to throw together a reasonable tail-gating outfit. We managed to have the essentials handy:
  • A full blown grill with fajitas, smoked sausage, home-made tamales, brauts, and burgers.
  • Peach Cobbler, from the hands of Boo.
  • A run-in with the local motorized parking patrol, that we managed to barter 6 tickets for a few bottles of water, a tamale, and some cobbler.

Life is good.

All Alone In This Crazy World




My Next Book

While it's inevitable that all of us will traumatize our children, even the most committed parents have lacked guidance in doing so deliberately and effectively.

Learn how to determine your natural traumatizing "type", cultivate your children's resentment, and give your children enough material to write a memoir someday.

Hawaii Five-O


Summer Showcase - Poolside

To close out the summer, Jaxson's school displays the swimming and dancing talents to the parents to show that the kids have actually learned something while having fun.
Problem is, when you have a 2-year old and they see you - they forget about the 'show' and come hang out with you.

Good thing about a clingy kid, besides making the old man break a sweat trying to get in the pool, is that you get your own personal variety show.

Hangin' with Mr. B (owner and head-guy at the school).

Great Things Come In Pairs

If you don't rock, you can't roll.
So, that means Robyn and I can't just have one kid. We gotta have TWO.
Look for the sequel, due out March 17th.

Kick, Kick; Blow Bubbles, Blow Bubbles


Explicit Actions Call For Explicit Words

Caution: Some language used in the following post may be offensive to some; it is a true scenario with the actual words spoken shared via this blog. No children or adults were harmed in the making of this story. But it is all true.

Paying bills is just above renewing my license on my list of things I could live without having to do more than once during my lifetime. Excitement during both of these processes usually isn't very exciting, typically more depressing than anything.

Now the fun begins. In the midst of writing the date on the check for the water bill (you will see the ironic twist at the end of the story) all I hear coming from the living room is...

"Oh my, he is shitting on the floor." Exact words from the pure mouth of my sweet wife, no paraphrasing or exaggeration. True words could not have been spoken better.

As those words begin to filter through my ears and into my brain, my lack of excitement begins to dwindle as well. You see, no less than 5-minutes earlier, our little insta-pop-a-squat child used one of our NEW storage ottomans in the same manner a poodle might use a fire hydrant. As a place to ponder his distance - if you get what I mean.

Yes, in the span of five minutes my wonderful son managed to relieve himself TWICE in the middle of the living room.

I think we may let him air dry in front of a hair dryer tomorrow after bath time.

Pimpin' His Ride



Somebody let the kid in.

Hey Ladies!!!

Looks like we caught Jaxson in the closet with some lady friends.

That's my boy!

No Time Like The Present

When the kid wants to grab a book and dive head-first into a story, no matter where he is; possibly the middle of an aisle at Target - just let 'em do it.

We got to give momma props for grabbing this photo.

Road Trip to Ikea

Since it is about an hour from the house, heading to Ikea is somewhat of an adventure. Accessories, curtains, and just killin' time where on our plate for the day. However; most of the time it is the journey not the destination that is memorable. As was the case this afternoon.

Typically, driving down the George Bush Turnpike involves curse words, bad finger gestures, and about $8 in toll. Maybe that is why the Hulk was so angry...

Once we got there, it was the typical Ikea venture. Lots of people, cheap mediocre food, and more "stuff" than you can shake a stick at.

Some days you just know it will be a good day - like when your kid's first initial is overlooking your parking spot. We got eyes everywhere people.

Bed Buddies


Could Not Have Said It Better