Heritage Celebration

Our new town is an incredible community and all the residents are close knit and involved.

Watching our first Middletown Heritage Festival as Middletown residents was a good feeling.

Monster Mini-Golf.

I whooped his ass in golf; however, he dominated me in the arcades.

Tickle The Ivories

The one thing I never learned was the piano and it's the one thing I wish I learned as a kid.  With that being said, we're going to try and get the kids interested and see where it goes.

Mimi & Papi surprised Jax (and AB) with a keyboard to make horrible noises music with.

This should be fun.

An Engineering Accomplishment

Three days and only a few curse words later, by me and not the boy, and the Star Wars Lego is complete.

Crazy the design, from Lego, that went into this thing - I was impressed.

Star Wars Invasion.

This bad boy may take us a few days to put together.

Thanks Boo & Pops for the engineering project.

A Mighty Fine Nine

He's an amazing kid.

Heart full of love an compassion.  Head full of ambition and curiosity.  A body full of excitement and energy.

I think this one picture pretty much sums up your feeling and thoughts on life.

Happy 9th Birthday; love you kiddo...