Where's Our Oscars?

The C & O Canal Tow Path is an old boat path used in the 1800's to early 1900's to transport people, services, and products from Washington, D.C. to Cumberland, Maryland.  Included in the tow path are a series of locks to helps the boats move up river easier.  Each lock has a house where the residents would live and take care of the lock.  

Many of the houses are in states of disrepair; however, a few of the houses have been preserved and you can stay overnight in the houses...glorified camping.  Most of the houses are very primitive; no electric and/or no running water.  A couple of the houses, closer to DC, do have electric and water.

I've run on the C&O for the past few years and it is one of the places I go to "escape."  Recently on Facebook the C & O Canal Trust posted looking for volunteers to shoot a commercial that they would use online with their new marking campaign for the lock houses.  I emailed them and we set up a day and time to shoot the commercials.