Our Happy Place

I could spend all day, every day out on the course with this guy.

Self-Made Utensils

When you're in the middle of a move, there isn't time to look for bowls and spoons when the ice cream comes out.  Hand and fingers work just fine.

Swimming Lessons

This will be the year that AB finally learns to swim; no more floaties for this little lady.

Fear is slowly subsiding; jumping off the deep end, swimming in the deep end with no floaties, and breaking out of her shell.  Big year for Little AB.

She's What...?

It's not that my kids aren't active, they are actually extremely active and I make them sit down and relax sometimes, but for AB to win "Amazing Girl Athlete" (as voted on by her classmates) was the shock of the year so far.

Maybe those kids see something that we don't...

End of Kindergarten Party

Crazy to think this little lady is moving into 1st grade next year.

To celebrate the end of the year, her class had an end of year party to celebrate.  After a little shower, the dirt turned to mud, and the fun got cranked up just ever so much...

Artist Award.


Metal Mouth

This poor kid has had the worst luck with teeth, but he's a trooper and keep on rolling, because really, he doesn't have a choice.

The start of an 8-month cycle started today with braces for Jax.  This should be fun.

Summer Time Blues...From The Cold

Kids are tough.  Parents are wimps.

We went to a birthday party for a neighborhood friend over the weekend.  It was cloudy, it was breezy, and it was not ideal swimming weather whatsoever; however, children could give a damn about the weather conditions...they just wanted to swim.

They are tougher than me...my swimsuit never even left the bag I brought it in.

You Want Me To Be In Charge?

There is a first for everything.  I was a "chaperon" on Jaxson's class field trip down to the Smithsonian museums today...man, God bless teachers.

Luckily, my group was easy.  Jax, Graham, and myself...very doable.

Great kids, decent weather, and an all-around good day.

Summer times on the National Mall can be a severe beat down.