School Belle

No one told me what an emotional roller coaster being a parent would be; even if they did, I would never had imagined how big of a coaster it would be.

You watch the kids grow.  Your happy and sad when they hit milestones; the personal pride from watching them succeed - even with the smallest of accomplishments - makes everyday worth it.

You spend days frustrated when they won't leave you alone and you can't wait to send them to (or back) to school so that your routine and sanity can return; and then, they go off to school and all you want to do is give them one more hug.

So proud of my Moons for heading off to kindergarten.  Not scared one bit.  Anxious to get started and conquer the world.


The Momma said...

Good job, dude. Right when I was getting used to the thought you had to make me cry again with this awesome post. Love you, love her and love us!