Ice Cream Date

Busy, busy, gets in the way of hanging with my kiddos.

While momma had a dinner date with a friend, daddy-o filled the kids with sugar and they filled my feel-good tank back to full.

Christmas In Texas

Sharing some giving and receiving with Boo, Pops, Chad, Jaycee, and Cody.

White Trash Thing

Bringing in the new year in old school style - White Trash style.

Visit To An Old Friend With Friends

Made a trip to our favorite park while in Texas, Tillery Park.

An old hang out of ours that we introduced to some old friends that met up with us for a quick afternoon play session.

Skating On The Pond

Though outdoor ice skating is a fairly common activity in around the mid-Atlantic and northeast areas of our country, it is obviously not a common practice in Texas.

Fort Worth has a new outdoor skating rink on the outskirts of downtown; it's small, but effective.