All Leaved Up


Ice Cream, You Scream

What better way to spend a cold ass afternoon than at a ice cream factory...

Turkey Hill Experience for the Turkey Hill Dairy in Columbia, PA.

Train Ride To Nowhere

Certifikid is the devil a great place to find new things you probably never would have done before; especially with kiddos.  The discounts are usually pretty sweet and the places are typically pretty cool and full of character and charm.

The latest adventure we found was for The Red Caboose Motel just outside of Lancaster, PA...also known as Amish Country.  If you've even seen Amish Mafia, this is the town/area where that is all filmed.

No lie, more horse drawn buggies than cars on the roads surrounding the train motel.

He's One Of The Good Guys

The kid is a smart one.  He is also a really good kid.  Happy to see that the school recognizes kids, not just for academic, but also for his character in the classroom.

He received and award for music and one for his character - rock stars are suppose to be bad boys, right?

Morning Cartoon Friends

Tough to beat a good cartoon watching buddy; especially when it's your sibling.

Jax Supports Movember


Mario & Luigi Need Cake

Celebrating Charlee's 3rd birthday party, and apparently Mario and Luigi showed up and wanted cake. 

Squishy Face


She Did It!

Miss Annabelle has been known to attach to your hip and likes to be carried.  She's gotten much better, and really, how long can you hold your child before they are too big.

However, on our recent hike she walked/climbed about 75% of the trail - even bit the dust a time or two with little or no tears.

She was happy with her accomplishment.

A Hiking We Will Go...

Leaves turning colors, cool crisp air, ample sunlight, and a house full of anxious bodies called for one thing and one thing only - a hike up one of local favorite trails, Weverton Cliff.

From the "summit," you can see Virginia / West Virginia / and Maryland.