Just Because She's So Damn Cute.


Tubing with Buddy


Risking Life and Limb

National Geographic would be proud of me.

I had the subject of my photo in perfect position.  The action for the picture was discussed.  I stayed true in my spot to get an action photo of Jax launching tossing a snow ball at me.

Note to self:  Next time I take this photo, be quicker in getting out of the way.  He throws much faster and straighter than anticipated.

Hanging with Hannah


Tubular Day

A small caravan of our dear friends/neighbors made the small trip north over the border into Pennsylvania to Ski Liberty for a day of snow tubing.

Honestly, my expectations were pretty low for a few reasons:

A.  Certainly, my kids would be scared of tubing; they are scared of their own shadows.
B.  We/them would quickly get bored from going down the same hill over-and-over on a tube.
C.  Everybody and their dogs be at the mountain due to the long weekend.

Of all my concerns, the only one that was right was C; everyone and their dog decided to go tubing/skiing this weekend.

Heart Express

 Great Valentine Day for Ms. Annabelle.

Not only did she get a pink lava lamp (to match her brother's blue lava lamp), she now is the proud owner of a princess encrusted bike all her own.

It's pink.  It has tassles.  It made her day.

Training wheels will come off quickly with this little lady.

Game Face.


Pumped Up

When God made Saturday mornings, he must have had birthday parties in mind.  As a parent, it's a great way to burn a few hours and at the same time burn some kid's energy.

Fill 'em with sugar and let them loose.