Iced Out and Beat Down

Kids first attempt at ice skating was about as smooth as it could go as rough cut piece of iron cut with a spoon...needless to say, it wasn't smooth at all.

After some bargaining, debating, begging, pleading, and brute force, we managed to get Jaxson on the ice.

Annabelle was a little more gracious and happy to hit the ice.

At the end of the day, I was proud they both stepped foot on the ice - next time I just hope it goes smoother.

I will not let this kid get the best of me; he WILL get on the ice...

That right there my friends, is a face of frustration...on me, not the kid.

Victory; two laps around the rink.

Add Another Branch

Yesterday, our extended family grew by one more branch.

Michael and Kristin welcomed their first child into the world; a beautiful little girl - Hannah Marie Coon.

Her stats:

Born:  January 24, 2013 at 6:20pm
Weight:  7lbs 8oz.
Length:  21 inches

Bowl Full Of Goodiness

What do you do when it's freezing ass-cold cream of course.  Makes sense to me; obviously, Annabelle had no issues - she would have climbed inside the bowl if she could have.

Don't Duck With Me

Foggy, drizzly, wet Sunday afternoon sent us inside for some afternoon energy burning sessions.

Never tried "duckpin" bowling; but at 50-cents per game, I'll try damn near anything.  Smaller balls, smaller pins - easy for kids and good stress reliever for adults.

The Year Summed Up


This one picture sums up how this year went...justifiably crazy.

Padded Walls for Crazies

When it's too cold outside to play, sometimes you got to take all the crazy people children to an indoor padded room play space.

Bringing In 2013

Parties is what we do best.  My wife is the queen of games, organization, fun, and overall entertaining - and I clean up the mess pretty quick.

Wheat Christmas 2012