He's Back...!

Our little behavior monitor and current attitude enforcer Elvis the Elf has returned.

For his seasonal introduction this year, he brought syrup and spaghetti noodles (with sprinkles) and a side of Coke; chased with marshmallows and hot cocoa.

It's too early in the season for Elvis to be dropping these sugar bombs all over the house - could be a long December.

Up and Decorated

Post Thanksgiving means one thing, Christmas decorations go up...

Kids at Play


Kicking The Turkey - Round Two

The second annual Kicking the Turkey kickball game took place this year in Jefferson, Maryland - just down the street from our house.

The group has grown and new faces joined in this year.  We had family, friends, and new friends.

Best part of it all...my team won.

I'm thinking sponsorships and draft parties next year...go big or go home...

Be Very Quiet, I'm Hunting Wabbits...


Man Of Few Words

Almost half-way through the school year and Jaxson has progressed an incredible amount.  We knew heading into the school year that his teacher was one of the tougher ones (even at the kindergarten level); and I was glad he got the tough one.

Starting off the year, he knew his letters and numbers and didn't have the ability to put them together.

Now, a whole different world.  He reads, writes, and they have started simple math.

In the spirit of Turkey Day, the Bambino put together a turkey sentence/picture.

Pretty soon, he'll be teaching me things.

Exercised Our Right


For the second consecutive presidential election, my partner has been by my side; hopefully we win this one like we did the last one.

Say what you want to say about the past four years, either way it was a turning (and tipping) point for our nation.  I believe, in general, the nation has become more aware of the political impact their votes have.  We've learned as a nation, we've started the process of recovering, and we are trying to pick our spot in the global merry-go-round...we aren't what we once were, but it is not to late to get back where we were.

Hopefully you voted today; it is a privilege you/we shouldn't take for granted.

Halloween 2012


Dressed As Party-Goers

Miss Charlee turned 2 years old a few weeks ago; her mom and dad asked for all to dress up and come celebrate - which was great except for the fact that her mom and dad (Sam and Casey) were just about the only ones NOT dressed up...