The Wheat's


Where's the Beach, Man?


Intense Lego Session


Putting & Pooling With Pops


Lucky Number Seven

Seven years and running strong...

Over the weekend, the annual All-Balls Reunion took place in Seguin, TX.

To sum up the weekend; pool, golf, shopping, drinks, eat, drinks, eat, sleep.  The way every weekend should lay out; except maybe the shopping part.

He Done Graduated

I realize it's preschool graduation; but the smile on his face you would have thought he just graduated medical school.

Also, each child had to tell the attendees what they wanted to be when they grew up.  I like this for two reasons.  First, it allows the kids to start practicing their public speaking skills - never to early.  Secondly, he said he wanted to be a builder (like his daddy-o).

As much as he likes to doodle and tinker with toys, by tinkering I mean take apart and put back together, I think we may have an engineer developing on our hands.

To Her Own Beat

Somewhere, Annabelle found a stubborn bone - not sure if it came from momma or me, possibly a combo of the two.  When she doesn't want to do something, she won't.  No way around it; your just out-of-luck.

At her first dance "recital," her participation was minimal at best during the ballet portion. 

However, when it came time for the Tap portion of the "recital," she was all over it.  I'm sure it had to do with when she tapped her feet, a sound came from it - so she was getting some sort of external reaction to something she was doing.

Whatever it was, I was glad to see her enjoying her time and concentrating on what she was doing.

Only Sugar Melts

Pregame rain can't keep us from enjoying good seats at a great ballpark.

But the little guy has to ask, "Where did all my peeps go?"

Dreaming Big


Right Spot, Right Time

One benefit of showing up to a ball game two hours before first pitch is being able to watch batting practice and exchange some words with the players.

Ten minutes after finding a great spot in center field for batting practice, both boys had official MLB game day balls.  One, straight from the glove of a player shagging balls in center field, Gio Gonzalez, and the second ball came from the bat of a player - don't recall who was hitting at the time.

Sadly, the ball you see in Jaxson's hand never made it home.  When we relocated to our seats on the first base foul line, Jaxson put his ball in a cup holder for safe safe that it was never saw again.

I guess that means I have to go to another game and retrieve him another home run ball...

Evening At The Park

No doubt about it; an evening at the park is a good way to spend an evening.

Rules Have Been Set

Apparently, at least according to Jaxson, as long as you aren't bringing nuggets or water into the basement to watch TV your're good to go.

New Trails To Blaze

Moving sucks.

The entire process is for the birds.  The final product is good - fresh start, new surroundings, new faces, new places.  But the process itself, sucks.

The Wheat clan has finally landed in what we hope is a permanent home.  With our move to Maryland last year, we lived in a place not by choice, but more necessity of needing a place to lay our heads until we knew the area well enough to make a decision where we wanted to live.

Jefferson, Maryland was love at first site.  Very small town (as in one strip of a few stores) with a great elementary school.  Our development is the only real housing development in the area, except for farms and an occasional historical marker.

The friendliness of the neighbors is incredible and with just a few nights and days under our belt at the new house, it already feels more like home than the last year did at our previous house - also, the fact that there are 16 kids under the age of 7 within one block of the house, is a great selling point. 

Looking forward to blazing new trails; however, Annabelle was first to run the trail and look onto the horizon at what's to come...

Blue-Eyed Brownie

Not sure which I want to bite more, the brownie or Annabelle.

Summer Has Started

Kicking off summer the right way with an afternoon ice cream date with the kiddos.