Dare Devil


All Smiling Faces, Almost.

The digital world has changed us, as a culture.  

Everything is quicker, faster, digitally incorporated, and usually requires a USB port at some point...even birthday cards and invitations are more commonly sent electronically versus snail-mailed.

All that being said, there is nothing better than a quick note sent (digitally or handwritten) from a friend, spouse,  or even an enemy.  My wife, and partner in crime, sent me the below e-card.

Not sure if the card or Belle's face made me smile more, either way, I'm still smiling.

Catching Air


Small Town Charm


A Man's (Boy's) Dream

Heaven on earth?  Homemade cooking + Guns & Ammo...love me some small town.

Top 'O The World


Topping out at Sugarloaf Mountain with the family; +1 (cousin from Texas, Cayla)

He's A Baller

Some white men can jump.

Me, nah, not so much; but I can hit a three from deep.

Always played hoops growing up; I was never the best, but I could always shoot the rock from deep and lead the team from the point position.  I was always on the "B" team through high school, but I was late losing my baby fat - my athletic abilities came late in life, which I am actually happy it happened that way instead of losing my abilities.

Jaxson hasn't had much success in the realm of team sports; he's an independent guy.  So, when he told us he wanted to play basketball, the wife and I were weary to say the least.  

He's tried soccer - hated it.  He tried tee-ball - hated it.  Loves golf, which I am fine with...

Jump to yesterday.  He had his first basketball practice session.  No games in the schedule, more of an extended introduction clinic for kids over a six-week period.  Sadly, because of work, I had to miss the first practice.  But mamma and Cayla said he did great and was the biggest kid out there - partially the reason why I think he liked it so much.

Made the first shot he attempted and has already told me he "wants to play basketball forever."

The smile you see in the photo is genuine; he loved it.

Running Out Of Room On The Cake...

Every birthday is a milestone; however, some are just a little bit harder to swallow more special than others.  Mimi hit one of the milestones; she turned 30 (cough, cough) once again.

Happy Birthday; if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have my wife.  So thanks a million.

All Ears




Easter - 2012


Show Stopper