Happy 4th Birthday Jaxson

Jaxson -

Today, you turn four.

Four years ago today your mom and I had our lives changed forever. We welcomed you on a day that the majority of our world will remember as a sad day; but with you in our lives, the day is a day of happiness and joy. Not only did you make your family smile on that day, you allowed the world to grin - even if just for a moment.

You will forever be my little buddy. When you look at me and tell me I am your best friend and give me one of your signature bear hugs, there is no better feeling. Though we will have times that will test our relationship and push us both to our limits, just know that I am always by your side - no matter what.

So, thank you for being you. We look forward to watching you grow and becoming what you become.

Happy Birthday buddy, enjoy your day.

With all our love,
Mom, Dad, and Belle