Cupcakes? Yes, Please!

Hey, It's the Momma here! So I have only posted on our blog a handful of time because Corey is so freakin' good at it...I mean seriously I know very few guys who blog that are as great as his! Anyway...I don't blog but I read blogs like crazy! In my next life I want to be a fly on the wall, but in the mean time reading blogs is the closest thing.

I read an awesome mommy blog. This girl is incredible, she is a friend of a friend, she has some great ideas and just fun stuff on her blog. With that being said last week I saw this post about cupcakes and I said "yes, please". I love cupcakes almost as much as I love my kids and that is a whole stinkin' lot!!!

I have to post to shout it off the roof tops about these cupcakes I made! (Ever seen that Folgers commercial where the girl had too much coffee?...funny stuff) When I made them, Corey remembered the reason he married me in the first place!

So go to this website and try out a cupcake recipe for yourself. We could all use a few more bootie dimples...right?


Anonymous said...

robyn! robyn! robyn! why do you do these things to me!!!!