A Long Goodbye

Six years is not a huge span of time; but when those six years include working together, having two children (within 10 days of each other, both times - unplanned), and countless Wednesday night dinner clubs and more than our fair share of beer and/or coffee outings; it is more than enough time to establish a deep connection.

The Long's became an integral part of our lives once our sons were born in September of 2006, a mere 6 days apart from one another. Three years later, we had our daughters 9 days apart from one another...and with both of those births came long nights, great stories, and more memories than you could shake a stick at...or stick in a ten-gallon hat.

Time goes by and things change...it's life and that is why we live it. So it was tough to say our good-byes to the Long's as they head to Ohio to pursue their next steps in the lives. Couldn't not have planned a better night to say good-bye. Fort Worth Cats on the diamond, Fort Worth skyline in the background, and children scurrying around as they should.

It has been a pleasure becoming close to the Long's. Not only have I gained a teacher and a mentor; I have also gained a friend that will be part of our lives for years to come.

Good luck in all your endeavours and thanks for letting us be a part of your Texas chapter