Yard Art

I may be slightly biased, but I really believe that Jaxson has some true creative talent.

Multiple pictures that have come home from school have been beyond good for someone his age (I will post a few in the coming days) and his attention to detail is something even his momma couldn't pull off on her best days. Placing earrings on pictures of his momma, depicting different hair styles for each member of the family, and even different noses and smiles.

Needless to say, I am over anxious to see where his art work goes from here.

Carolina Shore Smilin'

Too often we miss opportunities in life to capture the small moments that mean the most - truly candid moments; especially those times in beautiful places that really bring out the joy in people. Pure joy.

While in Wilmington, NC for a large family vacation with Robyn's side of the family, we were able to capture some of these small moments.

Surrounded by incredible scenery, loved ones, and free of stress; we had to opportunity to have our photos taken by a family member that is aspiring photographer and was looking for some work to expand her portfolio.

Jamie Morris grabbed some fantastic images and helped us to preserve some precious memories in our memory banks.

Thank you for what you did for us Jamie; you have a bright future ahead in the photography world.

Popsicle Bath

Who needs soap and water when you have an orange popsicle.

I am sure it is a great exfoliator and leaves the skin smelling delicious.

Front Row For Sunset


Eco-Friendly Beach Chair


Coppertone Kiddo


Colton & Casey


Boardwalk Reception


My Surf Girls


The Coltrone Turns One


Happy Birthday Colton; all our best to you and what lies ahead.

Colton & Belle Headed To The Beach

And the aftermath during a morning walk...

Carolina Shores

Late summer family trip with Robyn's side allowed us to explore the shores of North Carolina at Carolina Beach. Unbelievable beaches with long, clean, and extremely kid friendly water and sand.

Along with the four of us, both of Robyn's brothers, their wives, our nephew Colton, Robyn's parents and a small assortment of Sam's family joined us along with Colton.

Needless to say, we had a full house at all times.

Football Season & Birthday Combo


Happy 4th Birthday Jaxson

Jaxson -

Today, you turn four.

Four years ago today your mom and I had our lives changed forever. We welcomed you on a day that the majority of our world will remember as a sad day; but with you in our lives, the day is a day of happiness and joy. Not only did you make your family smile on that day, you allowed the world to grin - even if just for a moment.

You will forever be my little buddy. When you look at me and tell me I am your best friend and give me one of your signature bear hugs, there is no better feeling. Though we will have times that will test our relationship and push us both to our limits, just know that I am always by your side - no matter what.

So, thank you for being you. We look forward to watching you grow and becoming what you become.

Happy Birthday buddy, enjoy your day.

With all our love,
Mom, Dad, and Belle